Bluebells Everywhere

Getting out of the house has been challenging over the last few months since my crisis episode. Going out alone is still impossible and I usually tend to stick to local, familiar places. However, recently I have had less panic-attacks and leaving the house is becoming more frequent but nevertheless still extremely difficult for me. So last weekend felt like progress when I escaped the concrete jungle and discovered a little haven just outside of London in Hertfordshire, Ashridge Forest. The sun was shining and I was truly reminded that spring has sprung. The spectacular spread of bluebell flowers across the estate was an irresistible sight and highly appreciated by both Mr. Monty and myself.

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Feet firmly on the ground. Mind, body and spirit connected to nature

I’d advise you to head down there this weekend as it’s most likely to be your last chance this year to see these expansive meadows adorned with their beautiful, blue carpets. For more information on Ashridge Estate .

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  1. Great post! Bluebells are so pretty they make me so happy ahhhh the little things. Glad to hear you’ve been up to leaving the house!


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