Self-Care Christmas Gift Guide 2017

self-care christmas gift guide 2017

Still haven’t completed your Christmas shopping? Ran out of gift ideas? Don’t panic as I’m here to help you with my ‘2017 Self-Care Christmas Gift Guide’. This year, I’m encouraging you all to be more thoughtful and to give gifts that encourage your loved ones to practice self-care this winter and the upcoming year.

Self-care is a universal practice. It’s not exclusive to those with mental illnesses simply because all of us have mental health. Our mental health deserves an equal amount of respect and attention to our physical health.

self-care christmas gift guide

My Top 3 Websites for Self-Care Gifts

1. Neom Organics

Neom candles and bath products are certainly luxurious gift ideas. They’re packed with therapeutic benefits for both mind and body. They have fragrances which have been expertly blended to boost wellbeing, ranging from aiding your sleep to making you happy. They’re 100% natural and organic and the scents are heavenly.

winter fragrance to boost mood

2. Maison De Choup

I love creative companies that promote positive change and support charities, and that is exactly what Maison De Choup does. Whilst smashing the negative stigma attached to mental health, they have produced high-quality unisex clothing that you actually want to wear. 25% of all proceeds are donated to Young Minds UK. Buying an item of their clothing isn’t just a way of supporting a collective charity. It also subtly shows compassion and support to a friend or a family member who is struggling with mental health issues.

self-care christmas gift guide 2017

3. Oliver Bonas

Oliver Bonas tends to be my saviour for buying gifts all year round so it had to be included in my 2017 Christmas gift guide. They have affordable candles, lifestyle books, happiness journals, clean beauty products and much more.

self-care christmas gift

How About a Creative Gift?

There’s been a huge rise in popularity with self-care kits or subscription packages. So why don’t you create your own self-care kit to give as a Christmas present this year? Try to personalise the design of the kit to ensure it’s beneficial to the person who’s receiving it. So get a box, basket or any other container, decorate it and fill it things that promote calm, happiness and de-stress. Here are some of my suggestions below (click on the asterisks which will link to examples that I love):

christmas gift self-care gift

  1. Journal *
  2. Happy Book *
  3. Stationery *
  4. Beauty/Spa Product *
  5. Aromatherapeutic Product *
  6. Meditation Mat *
  7. Affirmation Cards *
  8. Herbal Tea *
  9. Dark Chocolate *
  10. Happy Photographs




*= Disclaimer: this post contains affiliate links which won’t affect my readers.

Please comment below with your suggestions as to what to include in a self-care kit. Most importantly take care of yourself this Christmas!




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