Zaynah Shehraz is a twenty-something living in South London. Having battled various mental health issues since childhood, she is currently on her very own path to recovery after being recently diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) and Bipolar Disorder II. She started documenting her mental health story with the hope to end the stigma attached to mental health. Not A Simple Mind was born during her recovery and is dedicated to her personal experiences of mental illness and offering advice on how to live a life worth living. She hopes to open the dialogue about emotional and mental health so that we can end the stigma. 

Not A Simple Mind was born during my recovery. It’s a space created to document my second chance at life and to ensure that no-one else ever suffers in silence like I did. I hope that I can offer wellness advice and inspiration that is empowering for our minds, bodies and souls. 

At Not A Simple Mind, our message is about living life fully and authentically so that we can be happier and healthier both mentally and physically. The successful progression of my own recovery is due to conscious changes that I’ve made in my lifestyle. These changes are around, nutrition and fitness with the introduction of mindfulness and self-care. These principles are what our message embodies.

I invite you all to please join me on this journey and to explore your own sense of wellbeing. 


Zaynah x