Suicide Prevention Month

suicide prevention

*TRIGGER WARNING! To be perfectly honest with you, I was rather apprehensive about writing a post on Suicide Prevention Month. I feared that it might’ve resulted with a self-inflicted trigger. I also questioned whether I was the right person to discuss the importance of suicide prevention when

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Relapse and Recovery (TW)

relapse and recovery

Coming to the end of my group therapy course (DBT), I had convinced myself that I was getting better. I felt that I had reached a few milestones in my recovery. My social anxiety was going down a few notches and I was practicing the mindfulness techniques that

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Podcast with ‘Kids Are Gifts’

podcast with kids are gifts

I had the wonderful pleasure of recording a podcast with my dear friend, Sangeeta. Her blog- Kids Are Gifts  is an inspirational legacy to her son who tragically took his own life in 2014. She writes beautiful posts daily about her own mental health experiences, nostalgic family memories

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