Suicide Prevention Month

suicide prevention


To be perfectly honest with you, I was rather apprehensive about writing a post on Suicide Prevention Month. I feared that it might’ve resulted with a self-inflicted trigger. I also questioned whether I was the right person to discuss the importance of suicide prevention when

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Petersham Nurseries, London

petersham nurseries

It’s no secret that I absolutely love gardening. Flowers, plants, the scent of freshly cut grass; they all have the ability to make me smile and feel grounded. I truly believe that the connection that we have to nature is intrinsic to our humanity

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10 Ways to Practice Self-Love

10 ways to practice self-love

Modern-day lifestyles are so busy and centred around other people, that we have forgotten to make time for ourselves. We are neglecting our own wellbeing and happiness. Self-love shouldn’t be sacrificed, it should be honoured and an essential part of our routine.

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Relapse and Recovery (TW)

relapse and recovery

Coming to the end of my group therapy course (DBT), I had convinced myself that I was getting better. I felt that I had reached a few milestones in my recovery. My social anxiety was going down a few notches and I was practicing the mindfulness techniques that

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6 Health Benefits of Lavender

6 health benefits of lavender

On my wellness journey, I’m turning to a more natural and holistic approach so I will be sharing tips on products that have worked for me. Following my trip to Mayfield I have been inspired by the use of lavender in all sorts of products and luckily have been growing my own over the last […]

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Dulwich Pavilion Lates

dulwich picture gallery pavilion

This summer, Dulwich Picture Gallery is celebrating 200 years since it first opened its doors to the public. To mark this anniversary, they’ve collaborated with IF_DO via the London Festival of Architecture and Almacantar to construct a modern and striking pavilion. 

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Loving Yourself Is Not Selfish

loving yourself is not selfish

From a young age we are taught to love and show compassion. Compassion being the wish for others to be free from suffering and love is wanting others to be happy. So why do so many of us ignore the importance of being loving and compassionate to ourselves?

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Mayfield Lavender Fields

mayfield lavender telephone box

Prior to my visit to Mayfield Lavender Fields, whenever lavender fields were mentioned, my imagination immediately took me to those idyllic purple hills in Valensole, France, (you know the ones that are captured on Instagram a million times).

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