Suicide Prevention Month

suicide prevention


To be perfectly honest with you, I was rather apprehensive about writing a post on Suicide Prevention Month. I feared that it might’ve resulted with a self-inflicted trigger. I also questioned whether I was the right person to discuss the importance of suicide prevention when

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Relapse and Recovery (TW)

relapse and recovery

Coming to the end of my group therapy course (DBT), I had convinced myself that I was getting better. I felt that I had reached a few milestones in my recovery. My social anxiety was going down a few notches and I was practicing the mindfulness techniques that

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Birthdays are universally a time to celebrate. It’s a big pat on the back for surviving yet another year. You share this annual milestone with friends and family and generally you’re made to feel like the centre of attention.

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1 in 4 people in the UK will experience a mental health problem each year. I couldn’t possibly be one of these statistics. I just wouldn’t accept it. However, last October I received the confirmation that I had feared for many years…I had a mental illness. After many assessments, appointments with various health professionals and […]

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